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I will create a diary of progress on my currently very poorly Scoob which has been off the road for a while. Stay tuned for video's pictures and general car topic related posts!

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Replacing the Inlet Manifold part 2


Ben Ratcliffe

OK so when I last added a post the manifold was out of the engine bay and I was replacing it with the new re-conditioned manifold.

The fuel lines, injectors, electrics and vacuum pipes has been transferred over. At this point I was looking for any cracks, splits or blockages to try and get to the bottom as to what is causing this idling/fuelling issue. 

I had a good look at the injector rubber seal and noticed that moisture had got into one of them and caused corrosion underneath and the rubber seal to go brittle.

the new manifold had all been cleaned and sprayed so I replaced the rubber seals for the injectors from the one I bought off ebay.

The new manifold went back in with the new gaskets and I started to plug in the vacuum, oil & water hoses etc.

The hardest part was getting the inlet hose round the turbo as I have upgraded to a 20g TD05 and the pipe is a little bigger. I was also paranoid about splitting the hose as that would be my luck.

As I started to bolt it all back in a water pipe broke on the turbo due a dodgy weld. Luckily my good friend has the welding tools and patched it up. Hopefully it holds! Just for good measure I placed some chemical weld round the pipe.

So after it was all plugged in, I started it and boom! it was back and raring to go. I took it for a test drive, and it was running rough a little due to being laid up for 5 months but she cleared herself and smoothed out nicely. The 20g TD05 takes longer to spool up but continues to pull way after the TD04. I did notice that the spooling takes quite a while so I am planning to change to a front mount intercooler next in the hope it help build pressure quicker.

Well I am happy I managed to solve the idling/boosting issues and I can back on to patching up the bodywork with the treating the arches for rust.

Stay tuned to see more posts on the motormee car!